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part machine / part girl is a wire-o bound
publication featuring a collection of poetry by
Franny Choi as well as a series of lenticular
prints loosely following the story of a cyborg
servant girl who becomes sentient and seeks
revenge on her makers and keepers who have
mistreated her. In the end she aims to forge
her own identity and purpose away from the
systems and constructs that held her.

Franny Choi’s poems are an exploration of
race, gender, and the intersections of
technology and the human body. She alludes
to Asian depicted cyborg women in movies
and manga and how the functions of these
characters reflect real life power dynamics
and the objectification and abjectification of
Asian women.

In science fiction media, Asian cultures and
characters (if there are any) are frequently
used for world building and/or as plot devices.
These tropes are othering, fetishizing and
xenophobic rather than complimentary. I was
inspired by Choi rewriting the narrative to
allow revenge and reclamation into these
characters and their stories

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